This is the first volume/episode of the new Tobuscus Animated Adventure parody spoof! Christmas SPECIAL! This time, AcachallaBuscus writes a letter to Santa...

"Dear...Santa...Claus...I want a pony...And a gravity gun from Half-Life..." AcachallaBuscus scribbled onto a piece of paper. "Do you have to write atloud?" BillyBuscus asked while flipping through the pages of his magazine. "It...Helps..Me...Focus.." "You know you just wrote that?" "Oh, sorry, Santa, that was for...Billy..Buscus...I've been a good Buscus...And I...Want my present...Thanks Santa...From the Buscus." he muttered and he scribbled more. BillyBuscus facepalmed. "Hey. Billy can you put this in the mailbox for me?" "Suure!" BillyBuscus forcefully grabbed the paper and walked outside, crumbling it and throwing it in the mailbox.


"Ah, I'm bor-"


"Who is it?" "I'm BOOOORED!" "Go to bed." "Let's do something, like kill zombies with Nuka-Cola bottles!" "Go. To bed, dude. It's Christmas." "Hey-" Billy hanged it up. "Billy? Billy? Awww..."

"Okay...Let's try to sleep...Just like we practiced.." Acachalla whispers to himself and pretends to snore. "No, that's not working...Try to remember the comment section..Ahh, grammar...Ah it hurts.." he muttered. "Ho-" Acachalla heard a splash. "What teh?" He got up and walked to the bathroom, seeing a fat man in red stuck in the toilet. "San-OH MY BUSCUS!" Acachalla grabbed the Gravity Gun that was lying on the floor, and made it fling the Christmas tree back and forth. "NO! Buscus, that's how I place toys under the tree! It replaced my hands in 1983." Santa said. "Then what did I get?" "Well, look in the box!" Acachalla tore the wrapping off of the box, revealing a orange box with a picture of a gun on it. "AWESOME! The Gravity Gun from Gmod-Wait what's a replieca?" "Well...It's not real.." "What? Phfffffffff" "Bus-" "Pfffffffft" "Stop it-" "PFFFFFT!" "IT'S THE ONLY ONE I HAD!" "Oh, then you can have this one. Oooooh, it's a replieca!" Santa facepalmed. "I need to deliever toys, Buscus! I still have to go to Britain," "Oh, Britain? I have an idea..." Acachalla said and the gun locked on to Santa, and Acachalla shot a laser at him, and he could control him like a ragdoll. "What are you doing?! No, no, NAUGHTY~ NAAAAAUUUUGHHTY!" Santa screamed as Acachalla threw him out the window, flying to space. "Let's see what I can do.." he said to himself, and a Poker face grew onto him. He starting crashing the bed into lamps and setting the house on fire.

"Merry Christmas, WHAT IN THE-" BillyBuscus walked in, a black square appearing over his mouth.

The End.