Acachella ROLEPLAY! (Correctly spelled "Acachalla") is a thread forum roleplay written by many

Acachella ROLEPLAY!
Vital statistics
Author Unknown Anon
Illustrator N/A
Published on 2014
Published by Unknown Anon
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Contributors. It is hinted that it takes place in the Arkhamverse.


Billy first finds Papa Acachalla in the basement getting Root Beer. Gertrude asks what's going on, and Papa replys he drinking Root-beer. Maddie Friend comes and tries to find Billy when he hides behind Spencer, who later get's beaten up by Batman. Batman, after many Mayhem, was knocked out by Weegee and The Joker, along with Jimmy Casket appeared reqeusting Batman. The plot goes on from there.

Universe Lore Edit

In an upcoming fanfiction, the lore of the Acachella ROLEPLAY! will be explained using the thread and spin-offs as sources.


Acachelle ROLEPLAY! also has spin-offs, like fanficitons about it's characters, expanding it's fanon lore.


Spin-offs and expanded lore (Canon) Edit

  • Markiplier
  • Wilford Warfstache
  • Doctorplier
  • Wade & Bob
  • Dovahgoat
  • Antvenom
  • Ssundee
  • The Blacksmith

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