Fan: Ghost goes to KFC is a fanfiction written by an Anon.


I randomly made this up when looking at the Chicken Man page and thinking about KFC...Enjoy!

Johnny Ghost decides to eat some tasty chicken when he gets back from work.

KFC Edit

Johnny stepped out of his car, drinking the last sip of his Cola. "Dang, all out..." he sighed. "Well, I guess I could find a Vending Machine..." Ghost thought as he walked towards a KFC. "And maybe some Chicken..." He thought. He threw the Cola can in a trash can and walked inside. He saw multiple people trying to order, including Papa Acachalla. "Must be Lunch Hour...." Johnny thought as he sat down on a table. "Time to watch some Venturian..." Ghost thought as he turned on his IPhone 5.

An Hour Later.... Edit

A woman walked over to Johnny's table and asked him what would he like to order. "A Coca Cola and a 6-Piece Bucket." He said. "Right away." she said as he walked away. Johnny became bored waiting for his meal, so he texted Billy.

"Hey, Billy...I'm at KFC, is Gertrude there?" He texted.

"Hey, wanna talk to her?" Billy replied.

"Sure." Ghost replied. He waited a few seconds.

"Billy said you wanted to talk to me, wassup?" Gertrude texted.

"I saw Papa here at KFC, and I wanted to share the daily P.I.E Gossip."

"YAY! I love gossip!"

They texted for half an hour until the lady came back with a bucket of Chicken and a Soda. "Thanks, Ma'am." Johnny said. "Wait, aren't you that Ghost hunter I seen on TV?" she asked. "Yes. I am Johnny Ghost. At your service." "Um, well, It seem's an HDTV is haunting me." "I can handle that." The lady gave him a card and he walked out the door. He walked over to his car and got in. "Toast, your still sleeping?" "Ah, wha?" Toast said, half-asleep. "Never-mind...Just be awake before we get home...Or all the KFC chicken will be gone.." "KFC?!" Toast said, snapping up, fully awake. "Works everytime!" Ghost said, laughing.

The End.

Cover Edit