J.a.k.o.s. discovers the darkest secrets of his family ......Takes place a year after Sky and Jackos and is a crossover of the Predator films, Doctor Who, Halo, and ARP!.

Chapter 1: The Secret Uncovered Edit

Running across buildings, the yellow skinned creature jumped from building to building, hunting for only the best meal it could find. It stopped in it's tracks at the scent of a creature. A...Familiar creature. Tracking the scent like a blood hound, the creature jumped into a dark alley, only to find a black creature, with a rounded head and a skinny body feasting on rats and garbage. Growling at the Alien, the Predator stabbed it with it's hand knives, green acid-like blood ran across it's face. Screeching in pain, the Predator grabbed it's own head and backed off. The Xenomorph growled like a mad dog and leaped onto it's victim.

At the TARDIS.... Edit