Sean is a character/anti-protagonist in I'm the youngest of the Fryes....He is the ex of Nikki Frye.

Trivia and Theories Edit

  • He may just be misunderstood, and when he grabbed Nikki's arm, he was just pulling in for a hug. This also means that when he said he would 'Hurt' Dylan, he was just spitting out words due to anger and sadness clouding in his mind. This is also why he cried when Bethany told him that Nikki "Didn't like him anymore".
  • He is sometimes shipped with Nikki. This is called Sekki or Nean.
  • It is unknown what happened after Bethany punched him, but it's possible that he hit her back (Humans sometimes automatically fight back when in danger, or run faster).
  • He is not officially shipped with anyone, but people do ship Nean or Sekki.