The Cute and the Billy is a fanfiction made by an Anon.

(This is totally a joke, by the way)

Chapter 1: Meeting of the MiceEdit

Mr. Mousy Wousy picked up his suitcase and walked out side of his Rat Home. "YO, BILLA! COME OVA HERE SO I CAN BE A MOUSE!" Mousy screamed. "Ok! Ok!" Billy said and walked over to Mousy. "WE GOTTA GO ROB DA MCDONALD'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It screamed.

Then a TF2 Heavy came and stole da sammiches. "I'm Bob Da Heavy! 0iasiuhdiauhdsiahdiahdsihiahdioshdjdkjnskdjuresklajspola[pdeiptiuroiuyrjkfnkjxnkahsgjhgfvfwsi9ew-eiaj0josa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It screamed and exploded. "NOOOOOOOOO!" Nightwing screamed and the entire Universe exploded.

Chapter 2: ChikakoEdit

An Anime person ran down the street while shooting Anime Haters in the butt. "YEAH!!! TAKE DAT YA TROLLZ!!" he screamed. "THIS IS NOT THE LAST YOU SEE OF CHIKAKO ACACHALLA!!!!!!" He screamed. A man came to Chikako. 'WHERE'S DA BUDDER?!" He screamed. "Ova da! Wit the squids!" "THE SQUIDS? WHAT ARE THEY DOIN' WITH MY BUDDER?! TEAM CRAFTED POWERS!!!!!" he said as he flew into the air and shot laser bolts at the Squids.

Chapter 3: DaleksEdit

A Dalek ate a cookie.

The End.