The Sims 4 Challenge: VenturianTale Family is a Sims 4 Challenge created by an Anon.


This Sims 4 Challenge will take you on the daily Adventure of the Frye Family....Which is playing Gmod and gaming!


Sims that come from the VenturianTale Universe are not allowed. But, you can have them on a different lot.

  • Bethany: Make her gender "Female", give her dark red hair, a black jacket, and (With mods) a Crowbar in her inventory.
  • Jordan: Make him with brown hair and a blue shirt (If you can Mod, add a mod that adds VenturianTale T-shirts)
  • Isaac: Give him brown hair with brown eyes, and give him a Rubix Cube T-shirt.
  • Paula Frye: Give her blonde hair and make her age "Elder/Old".
  • Cierra: Give her brown long hair and a purple T-shirt (If modded, a purple-Batman T-Shirt).

Skil PointsEdit

All Sims (But not Paula) must be Gamers. You can give Bethany an Art skill aswell, as she draws Manga. Give Jordan and Isaac a Nerd Brain, as well.


  • Children: No WooHoo!ing or Try for Baby: There must be only 5 Family members, no children.
  • Gaming: Fill there house up with Computers, as they will spend most of their time using them.
  • Death: If one of your Sims die or grow old, you fail. You must delete the entire Family.
  • Friends: Make each Sim be friends with atleast two Sims each.
  • Jobs: Only Paula can have a job, or you can make Jordan a tech (Pretend he goes on Vacation alot and records there........)
  • Food: You can choose a diet for each Sim. (Meat or Vegatables, or both.)