"I am Tobuscus." a green shirted man said. "Well I am Papa Acachalla." "Who cares?" "Nobody."

"MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Tobuscus screamed and Gryphon ate Acachalla's face like a boss. "NOOOOOO! NO! NO NO NO!" Acachalla then turned into a burrito and was eaten by Gabuscus and Pinkie Pie broke the 4th wall and made ice cream for SCP-106 like a flipping bossaronnie (The next level of bein' a boss) so Batman Acachalla ate a biscuit with a nugget inside and dipped in mash potatos (i know dat's mispelled but I don't really care about that) and ate it while watching Twilight (Don't watch Twlight it is crap no one should watch it FWI) I am typin lik toby does on omegle sucka. Why are you reading this? I dont really care so I'm gonna eat a biscuit leave in the comments how bad this fic was and eat a biscuit.


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