Vahl striking by javott-d71bawn

Cover by: Javott

"FUS RO YAY!" this was the call of the ancient FlutterBorn, the cousin of Areum, daughter of Sofie, and granddaughter of Vahl the Dark Elf. Shouting away the Discord Dragons, FlutterSword pulled out her pickaxe of DJ-PON3 out with her teeth and started mining the Corundum ore out of the mountain. Sven-ington, the son of Big-Macintosh, helped her rid the mountain of it's goods. "Yay! Now I can make a sword so It's easier to cut carrots for my pet bunnies!" the flower-yellow pony jumped up and down like Pinkie-Pie. "Can we go back to Riverwood to get some drinks?" "I misclicked and stole a leek on mistake.." Sven facepalmed. "Whiterun it is, then." Sven played his flout with his horn as they adventured to Whiterun. "HOLY MOTHER OF CELESTIA IS THAT VAHL?!?" the pony screamed and flew to the dark skinned pony. "Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh, omigosh, omigosh, omigosh it's YOU! My SISTER! Vahl the Unicorn!"